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Yay more cool Shattered Glass toys! Need to get back to BotCon one of these years…

'Til All Are Mine

I am supposed to hate this toy.

I can hear the collective “BWAAAAAH?!?” now. How can I possibly hate a toy this phenomenal looking? An amazing paintjob, with a great new headsculpt, on one of the best molds to ever be created in Transformers history? Everything in my collecting DNA tells me I should hate it. That’s how.

To understand you have to be aware of the only correct answer to the question,

“What is the single worst robot mode in Transformers history?”

See, Shattered Glass Treadshot is actually a double-homage to two different characters in two different toylines that shared a single mold. Armada Side Swipe — yes, there’s actually a space in the name, *sigh* — and Universe Treadshot. His name, obviously, comes from the Universe toy as does, oddly enough, the silver striping down the length of his alt mode. The rest of his colouring in alt…

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