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I really need to do this with my collection…

'Til All Are Mine

Through a series of previously mentioned unfortunate events with a very favourable outcome (known collectively as “moving”) I have ended up in a splendid new home, with much, much more room.  This means adding at least one more full-size shelf to the display. This also meant boxing everyone up snug and secure for the trip. After battling to get the internet set up correctly in my new home, everything is — finally — back on track. I was ready to simply dive back into the boxes like a small child on Christmas morning (if that small child had personally selected each item under the tree) to set up my display again as well. That’s when I was stopped by something my wife had previously said.

Now, to say that my wife is an avid reader would be like saying Grimlock is an avid fan of war. Much like the Dinobot…

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