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Awesome! I need to find this toy…

'Til All Are Mine

Swerve was a truck in G1. His pickup truck alt mode appears to be carrying some cargo already or maybe a camper like Trailbreaker, giving it a more SUV-ish look, but either way, he’s unmistakably a truck.

Like one of my G1Bumblebees, as well as my Pipes, Tailgate and Outback, this particular version comes from the 2008 Encore boxset that gave them all some much needed extra paint applications.

The odd thing is that this little truck dude would then go on to lend his name to a succession of homages; two straight repaints, one repaint with a new head, and one completely new sculpt that all had one thing in common: they were all red cars. Heck, even Swerve’s Alternators release was just Alternators Tracks’ Corvette done in red with a new head sculpt. Of those I only bought one, and not because he…

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